Formula Student

Help with my account

Team Leader has changed

Only FAs have the ability to allocate Team Leaders. The system will only allow you to allocated one TL per team at a time. They will need to login, go to ‘Manage Members’ and either remove the existing Team Leader from the team list they’re assigned to or click ‘Edit’ and edit their member type to ‘Team Member’. The new TL can then be created either by the FA updating the ‘Team Details’ tab or by editing an existing user’s member type to ‘Team Leader’.

Faculty Advisor has changed

Ask your new Faculty Advisor to set up an account here as a ‘Team Member’. Once set up, email with a request to upgrade member type to Faculty Advisor. Please also advise if the previous Faculty Advisor needs to be removed from the system.

Team Member has set up an account but cannot access any functionality

Check that your FA or TL has ‘Approved’ the team member and has assigned to a team on the ‘Manage Members’ page.

I’m assigned to the wrong team

Ask your Faculty Advisor to login and assign you to the correct team via the ‘Manage Members’ page